Vopo's - The Price Of Being Young

Probably the price of being young is the fact that quite a few people who read this had to miss the early days of these Dutch hardcore-punkers starting back in 1978. Actually it's not that big of a problem because this disc contains some old classics as well as some new songs. Due to massive production, tight playing and different drives in the songs you probably won't notice if you don't know...this music is timeless, sticking to the roots of punk how it is meant to be: agressive towards everything that is fucked up in society (including Elvis). Asskicking party music for drunk punkx & people who like to trash rules that are made for fools.

1. Considering
2. Hard & loud
3. Picture
4. Friday till monday
5. Warrior
6. God
7. Uniforms
8. Dead entertainment
9. In the book
10. Bathroom
11. Confront yourself
12. Masochisme
13. Nuclear War
14. Another day
15. I don't care what people say
16. Conquer
17. I'm glad the King is dead
18. Zwolle
19. Let them look at themselves
20. Menten
21. Communist rules
22. A light
23. You're gonna miss me baby
24. White bitch

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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