Voorhees - Chapter Two

First album for these French death metal band called Voorhees, a band active since 2017 which by logo and name refer to Jason Voorhees from the "Friday The 13th" movies. "Chapter Two", as we said, is the band's first full length after the 2017 EP called "Chapter One" and the single of the song 'The Lucky Ones Die First' (later included in this album) released in the 2019.

Voorhees call themselves an old school death metal band, although something modern always makes itself felt starting especially from the production that said between us is really excellent and incisive.

"Chapter Two" includes 8 songs of a good European-style death metal. In many passages they remind me Vader and something of the old Gorefest and Asphyx.

The album starts with the single we were talking about previously, followed by 'My Horror Event' and 'Evil To Come', perhaps the best songs, in my opinion, of the album. With the next two songs the boys slow down their run, and then restore strength to the sound with 'Voorhees II'.

'Reanimated' and 'Into Darkness' close this first long-distance job for these Voorhees. Nothing exceptional but certainly a good album from many points of view. The songwriting is good and the work done by all the members of the band is certainly thick. Strength in my opinion is in the remarkable expression of the voice, excellent to fill every song in the right place.

Good job and a good start!

3.5 / 5 STARS


1. The Lucky Ones Die First
2. My Horror Event
3. Evil To Come
4. The Will To Kill
5. I'm The Man Who Became God
6. Voorhees II
7. Reanimated
8. Into Darkness