Volturyon - Xenogenesis

What we have here is the fourth full-length album of the Swedish band Volturyon called "Xenogenesis". This is the first time that I hear about those guys which is strange having in mind that the band exists since 2006. But is it possible to know every band from the seemingly endless Swedish metal scene? Probably not...

What you will find in this album are eleven tracks of solid Swedish death metal that relies more on the brutality and aggression than on the melodic passages. "Xenogenesis" starts furiously with the blast beating 'Bloodsplattered Banner' which shows that these Swedish guys know how to play heavy music. The following track 'Mother' is more mid-tempo and somehow reminds me of US bands such as Lamb Of God.

With the title track 'Xenogenesis' the blasting speed is back on track. Volturyon even have a track called 'Novichok' which is an evil ode about this chemical weapon that became so popular lately.

The production of the album is on a very good level, you can hear clearly what every instrument is doing. The cover artwork is pretty funny though - a big tent with big mouth with big bloody teeth? Wonder what is the big idea behind it... Nevertheless, "Xenogenesis" is an album that you have to hear if quality death metal is your thing. Check it out!

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Bloodspattered Banner
2. Mother
3. Xenogenesis
4. World Pandemic
5. Catharsis
6. Memoirs From The Morgue
7. Void
8. The Demiurge
9. Invisible Abomination
10. Novichock
11. Rancid Messiah