Volturyon - Coordinated Mutliation

Groove and grind. That is the name of the game for Volturyon. Despite their tendency to make the lyrics and song titles of their latest album, 'Coordinated Mutliation,' seem like a generic death metal album, they know how to take each song and not only make it brutal but also full of catchy, chugging riffs that do more than just obliterate like a Cannibal Corpse album would. Instead, consider these guys the way Deicide would have gone if they focused more on growling about the mutliation of others and ways to die rather than hating God. The thick chug chug chug on the opening track "Bloodsoaked Solution" is rather enjoyable in its mid paced, aggressive yet digestible segmentation. Even the guitars seem to take on a more groove metal mixed with hardcore tone in the repeated same three riffs over and over that tend to pick up speed everyone once in a while before sliding back into their usual form. The vocals are deep, but comprehensible, and the drums are also pretty pristine in sound so that makes the entire track an enjoyable listen without feeling muddled.

Other tracks like "Coordinated Mutilation" make an exceptional use of the groove in segmented, even chugs that sound more like death rock n' roll, but it still holds the basic structure of how the first track went: segmented, unified riffs, then a few bits of where one guitar takes the lead, and then back to the same chugs with the vocals roaring along in their own sense. Tracks like "Under Your Eminence" obliterate in speed and pace, but still feature a few groove bits that sound a bit technical with the sudden shrill pulls of the guitars and the rapid, almost percussive tap of the drums that draws a bit on a Dying Fetus influence. Like many other death metal bands though, Volturyon still leaves a lot to be desired as far as song and music structure goes. Go from track to track and listeners will pretty much be hearing the some song over and over, just at different paces and maybe a few extra riffs segmented in between. Plus, the lyrical themes tend to be a bit overused as basically typical, generic death metal tends to delve into such a subject area, and Volturyon are no stranger to this pitfall. Still, if one likes heavy death metal that is catchy and has great production and decent vocals that don't sound too high or too low (in other words, trying to copy Six Feet Under or Torture Killer), then fans should expect an album that steps out of the latter's shadow and fulfills a great gore-death album that knows how to brutalize even the most skeptical of listeners with some 'even' technical and pulverizing music.

  1. Bloodsoaked Solution
  2. Savage Gluttony
  3. Eight Corners Of Slaughter
  4. Euphoria Through Execution
  5. Ravaged
  6. Coordinated Mutilation
  7. Abide Under Eminence
  8. Sadistic Molestation
  9. Sanguinolency
  10. Intense Convulsions