Volkolak - Hail To The God Of The Sun

Russian, Folk-Black Metal!! Yeah you read it right!! Volkolak play Folk music embracing Viking Mythology. There is no distortion, at least not on this release. No Banshee screaming vocals, no synths. Totally Organic experience! Musicians and their instruments which include guitars, flutes, mandolines, and various percussion. Pretty cool release-not too many people play music this way anymore. If you dig the last Borknagar record, viking music, or the soundtrack to Conan The Barbarian - you will appricate this release. Worth a listen!

1. To The God Of The Fire
2. To Russians
3. Yew Grove
4. To The People From East Russia
5. Brave Viking
6. Wolf's Farewell
7. Vavila
8. Hail To The God Of The Sun
9. At Valiant Prince
10. Veles And Warrior

Blazing Productions
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009
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