Voidspawn - Pyrrhic

Hailing from Texas, Voidspawn don’t just knock on the door with their debut EP offering, they kick it in with an unheard of force from bands on initial offerings. Even though this release is only 3 songs, there is so much passion and power in them that it can easily relate to the amount of time and consideration it takes to make a full length of a devastating magnitude. If this release is any indication of what this band is capable of, then we are in for a trip through an absolute hellish bliss of aural insanity.

Even though Voidspawn is a death metal band, it is easily noticeable that they also include elements of doom death metal with an ever so slight overtone black metal vibe in the riffs. Mind you that overtone is really really slight. Just enough to make things interesting without overpowering anything else. In fact once everything gets going it it barely noticeable. However, the doom death influence is incorporated and blended well with every other aspect of the music. The riffs could be said to be grittier, more death metal versions of what you would find in Novembers Doom, Swallow the Sun, and other bands such as these. The riffs here are the perfect blend of doom and death metal, so I don’t think that labeling them a straight death metal band does them justice. They are so much more than that.

The drums on these three tunes are fairly thick sounding and the style really fits the material. Nothing too fast and nothing too slow. In fact, it seems as if every aspect of this release takes into consideration, every other aspect, and the result is an absolute perfect release. Even down to the vocals. These are some of the most brutal guttural growls I have heard in a long time. You know this guy is not “singing” from the throat. This is one hell of a vocalist. He is extremely powerful and definitely gets the message across with the powerful vocal patterns on this EP. However, that is not the final nail in the coffin. That would be the lyrics. Seriously, the lyrics are other-worldy. Like they are on another plane, or from another dimension. I’ve always enjoyed this style of lyric from death metal bands, and these are some of the best lyrics I’ve seen. They lyrics are probably my favorite part of this release. This release is one big storm moving in a big circle. The lyrics are the message, and there is just so much to convey in these lyrics that the music is an extension to further the bands message.

This is another Release put out by the mighty Unspeakable Axe Records. Once again, they have released an awesome release by an equally awesome band. This will be a band to watch out for in the future. Voidspawn have immeasurable talent, and this EP only scratches the surface. That you an be sure of.

  1. Sisyphean Ideation
  2. Pyrrhic
  3. Fervent Vitriol Towards The Public Moralist