Void Paradigm - Void Paradigm

Void Paradigm is another of France's eclectic Black Metal groups that will certainly appeal to the avant-garde fans of the genre. Following a style similar to Deathspell Omega with lengthy tracks, many moments of calming ambience to mix with the chaos that is at the heart of their music, and focusing on philosophical and universal topics that can seem as haphazard as their music, this group presents their debut within  six tracks. Of course, many of these tracks clock past seven minutes so no listener will be left with a shortage of tracks. Some are fast and unrelenting such as "Chao ab Chao" which storms and crashes with the fury of traditional Black Metal... just with slightly cleaner production. Others like "Symmetrichaos" have much more of a mix of fast and slow moments. The first half of the song is crushing, and the second half charmingly quiet with a mix of single picked strings that carry over the vocals, which sound more tortured and pained than before. Amusingly enough, the slower sections feel almost jazzy so the whole ferocity of the ambiance is a bit lost, but the vocal emphasis makes up for it.

It should be noted that the music here is not overly fast Black Metal in the vein of Sargeist or Marduk. Some tracks even feel like they have a Black n' Roll feel to them with the amount of melodies put into the rhythms, such as on "Building Cathedrals." Perhaps this is part of the band's 'hypnotic' quality because the music is quite captivating on this track, no matter how repetitive. The closing "Timeless Nothingness" is more of a very long ambient piece that features no guitars, drums, or vocals, so some may feel it is a bit of a letdown as far as showing off a massive instrumental epic that could give groups like The Project Hate a run for their money. On the other hand- for the sake of ambiance- the chiming bells and funeral synth is VERY effective, but for almost ten minutes it may go on a bit too long. Still, altogether these tracks make a fun collection that avoids tradition and mixes things up a bit. It may not be as sonically aggressive as Portal's work- an experimental Death Metal group- but they will achieve a high level of interest among those who like Black Metal in general.


  1. Chao Ab Chao
  2. Fighting The Silence
  3. Symmetrichaos
  4. Void Paradigm
  5. Building Cathedrals
  6. Timeless Nothingness