Void Omnia – Dying Light

Void Omnia are a black metal five piece from California although you would never guess from the albums artwork or the band’s sound! "Dying Light" is the band’s debut album after a 2014 demo.

The album is black metal pure and simple. Building on the Norwegian template set in the 90’s the songs follow the traditional route of blazing shredding and blastbeat drumming. The songs hit like a hurricane and are topped off with screeching tortured vocals. It’s all very chaotic and feels like the train could derail any moment but the band never abandon their sense of melody. On repeated listens it reveals some genuine melancholy and haunting melodies run throughout the album. 'Singularity'is a fine example and 'Of Time' opens with this brilliant slow doomy section that actually brings to mind Black Sabbath! The album has a scratchy, rough old school demo feel to it also, which adds to the atmosphere of the album.

With only 5 tracks but totaling 35 minutes in length there is more to be desired but the content is solid and shows a band with plenty of promise.

  1. Remnance Of A Ghost Haunt
  2. Fallowed Remembrance
  3. Singularity
  4. Of Time
  5. Emptied Heartless