Void Of Silence - The Grave Of Civilization

Fourth album from the Italians and the first one with their new vocalist Brooke Johnson (Axis Of Perdition). This bands is already busy for more than 10 years and play very dark and melancholic doom metal and with most songs running over 10 minutes is one hell of a depressive opus.

The keyboards are very prominent in their style of doommetal with a lot of atmospheric choirs, classical piano parts and angelic bombast. The music is either slow or very slow so songs are long and dragging without changing tempo. The whole album is in the same atmosphere without any surprises. Just heavy repetetive guitarriffs and some additional melodies with some more quiet instrumental intermezzos. The vocals are a lament of despair and hopelesness to finish the whole atmosphere as described above. Definitely some quality music but only for doom fans who like to get carried away in this kind of melancholy.

1. Prelude To The Death Of Hope
2. The Grave Of Civilisation
3. Apt Epitaph          
4. Temple Of Stagnation (D.F.M.I. MMX)
5. None Shall Mourn
6. Empty Echo

Code 666
Reviewer: Nydoom
Sep 14, 2010

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