Void Moon - On the Blackest Of Nights

Formed in 2009, Swedish doom is always something special and Void Moon happily maintains this scenario. With the opening title ‘Hammer of Eden’ their intentions are clear. This is bonafide classic material, I feel very much in a similar vein to Solitude Aeternus, with some aspects of Candlemass. Singer Jonas Gustavsson is quite similar to Rob Lowe and tracks like ‘Cyclops’ take you further down a doom ridden path to find tunes that expand even one dimensional minds. There is plenty of breadth and plenty of atmosphere and this is all authenticated with a great sounding arrangement.

The production is magic, the delivery is dreamy with ‘Among the Dying’ doing what it should and that is produce atmospherics that are genuinely epic, starting out acoustically there is degree of story building, and this completes its purpose when you shudder as the guitars kick in and Gustavsson’s vocals continue to take you into the realms of epic doom singers, in fact some of the phrasing reminds me of some Hetfield work. The crux of this track is the mix of acoustic mellow moments lulling you into a sombre thirst for energy. But getting the heavy back in town comes ‘Through the Gateway’, the tempo increases, you are bound by the desire to nod one’s head, you have a burning desire to sit back and Basque in the level of genuine fulfilment that such epic doom, straight upbeat groove music can ever give you.

From to me being an unknown band, Void moon has a great deal of ability; I simply love this classic tone and sound. This is yet more living proof that Sweden produces some pretty fine top notch bands. If you have to choose only 5 doom related releases this year, this is essential to that list, go and check out for yourself.


  1. Hammer Of Eden
  2. On The Blackest Of Nights
  3. Psychic Bleeding
  4. The Word And The Abyss
  5. Cyclops
  6. The Burning Court
  7. Through The Gateway
  8. Among The Dying
  9. The Mourning Son