Voices Of Destiny- From The Ashes

If anyone has an inkling for symphonic metal or melodic female fronted bands, then Voices of Destiny will definitely work for them. Hailing from Germany, From The Ashes is their debut full length and it has more than enough operatic vocals mixed with death growls, heavy riffs, and melodic solos to satsify both those on the heavy and soft side of the metal spectrum. While the female vocalist doesn't growl her heart out like a regular Arch Enemy, her singing voice is more than enough to put her up on the list with Tarja Turunen formerly of Nightwish or Nell Sigland of Theatre of Tragedy. The pitch is high, but not annoying or so wavery it may turn listeners off. Amongst all the symphonic keyboard elements the guitars hammer out plenty of melodic notes while the drums perform sectioned beats. It's all power/ melodic metal with little room to be called anything else.

The female vocals ultimately dominate the harsher ones throughout the album, but the few moments that the growls can be heard creates an excellent contrast for the music, as most symphonic or melodic metal bands with the 'beauty and the beast' element do. Some tracks like the opening "Ray of Hope" do a good job of balancing the heavy riffs with the symphonic highs and lows the keyboards. Others such as "Apathy" are symphonic marchers in the way the keyboards soothe the tempo of the drums who simply tap away in a marching band rhythm, offering a softer side of Voices of Destiny. "Bitter Visions" is a pure symphonic track led only by the female vocals and keyboards, creating bittersweet beauty and the typical momentary 'weepy song' that is expected on almost any symphonic metal album. "Not The One" is probably the hardest, heaviest song on the album, but it's very difficult to call a band like Voices of Destiny brutal or crushing due to their musical content. As rough as the music gets, there's still a ton of symphonic elements to cushion everything else.

However, this is what make symphonic metal what it is. For those seeking heavier female fronted bands perhaps try something like Luna Mortis. However, if listeners like a balance of mid paced heavy rock with a lot of soft moments, then this album is certainly the right place to start listening. While at times it may sound like a lot of what's been put out on the market already, Voices of Destiny do no shame to the genre. Their music is just as good as some of the female fronted vetran bands out there, and with more studio albums in time they will be even better.

  1. Ray Of Hope
  2. Twisting The Knife
  3. Return From The Ashes
  4. Relief
  5. Icecold
  6. Apathy
  7. Endeavour To Life
  8. All Eyes On Me
  9. Bitter Visions
  10. Hourglass
  11. Red Winter's Snow II: Blood And Stone
  12. Not The One

Massacre Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Apr 27, 2010
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