Voice Of Revenge - Disintegration

Awesome Death Metal that filters aggressiveness along with melody, in a way that serves brutality and nothing more!

You like this description? Would you be intimidated to check on a band, yet unknown to you, only because this term went along with their music? If the answer is positive, then Voice Of Revenge is a band you should definitely check! This German war machine has been around since 2007 and since then they have released an EP in 2007, their first full length "Chronicles Of Betrayal" in 2010, and this second full length of them in 2013 with title "Disintegration". Their music is the perfect example of the extreme furious death metal music, produced by skilled players, fierce in spirit, that filters within tons of emotions, all leading into an ocean of brutality. Cos the main purpose is to unleash the fury! Their way is the difficult one, cos it is hard to put melodies and leads in your music and still maintain this brutal character death metal should have! It requires a lot of skills and great discipline from the musicians to achieve something like that but those Germans did it!

From the start of "Disintegration" their tunes just can't leave you untouched! Death metal with character. Mainly raw, fast and intense, with some interpolations of melody, that are set in such a clever way that kind of make this whole release breathe, when needed! Their death metal is mostly based on old school patterns that flirt a lot with black metal in some riffs and certain ways! Their beat arsenal consists of the typical thrash metal beat, along with groovy double kick drums here and of course raging relentlessly when needed. All those ofcourse if the proper knowledge of when and where to play each style. We're talking about professionals here lads. Guitars, bass and vocals are on the same level of skills. The vocals are not the typical death metal growls, they are sort of growl-ish but a little shriek on the same time, different style, that a lot of Swedish death metal bands use. But on this occasion there seems to be a distinct tint. And this tint in general can be found a lot in many parts of this album.

These guys have made death metal, a very personal matter and in my opinion have managed to filter their influences so well, to create a very distinct sound. "Disintegration" contains 9 songs and has a duration of 39 minutes. Each song lasts about 5 minutes more or less, and each song has at least two or three parts where you can find yourself repeating over and over again. If those aren't elements that consist an absolutely stunning death metal album... I don't know what else could be. Death metal with an amazing personal tint, furious and relentless. Get your hands on this!

1. Blinded
2. The Blackened Sun (Dystopia)
3. Malevolence Demised
4. Disintegration
5. In Mutual Disparity
6. Overture Of Nemesis
7. Nadryw (The Demon)
8. Manifest
9. The Reckoning