Voice Of Hate - The Handling Of Flesh

Voice Of Hate is a Spanish band which I never heard of. Pity? Hell yeah!! After hearing the opening track it was obvious that the soundlevel had to turn up rapidly. Voice Of Hate is playing some fucking nice piece f death metal. Brutal vocals, fast songs with double bass drums attacks and sheering guitarriffs. And on top of that they play some creamy guitarleads. This no album to talk about but just listening. So grab this disc and feel the combines horror, war and torture!!

1. Burn
2. Demon Breath
3. Master Of Demise
4. Human Odium
5. Earthscum
6. Terror Tactics
7. Hollow Point
8. Handling Of Flesh
9. Men Behind The Sun
10. Personified Grim Reaper
11. Hidden Inside (Fortress II)
12. Stormworm
13. Horror Territories

Voliac Rock
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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