Vitriol – Pain Will Define Their Death

US three piece Vitriol unleash their brand of Florida style brutality on the world with their debut EP.

What you get here is four skull shattering tracks. The songs are brutal as hell but retain structure and add little bits of melody which add to the heaviness of the songs which intensity and emotion.

“Pain Will Define Their Death” is like a whirlwind it sweeps you up and you won’t stop spinning. It’s nonstop shredding and riffing. 'Victim' is ridiculously tight and the groove of the main riff with make your head bang so hard your neck will start to unravel! And later on in the song the break down slow section is orgasmic.

Think of everything that makes you love Hate Eternal or Monstrosity and it is all here in 15 unforgivable minutes. God I want this band to make an album! With Eric Rutan producing.


1. Pain Will Define Their Death
2. Victim
3. Violence, A Worthy Truth

Self released
Reviewer: joedenby
Jul 3, 2019

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