Visceral Attack - 7" EP

All seven people who read my review for Visceral Attack's previous release, "Quick & Severe", will probably have hazy memories of giddy excitement and slight homosexuality on my part. Even four years after it's release, I still rank it as one of the best crossover thrash/hardcore punk albums to ever come out of the United Kingdom (well, Ireland, but... semantics) and I've been chomping at the bit for some new VA for what feels like an eternity. But finally, the Irish Invaders have shot a warm and long overdue load into the wanting mouths of the UK thrash scene, an- wait, I seem to have lost my focus...

Visceral Attack's new EP - oddly just titled as 7" as opposed to Void, as the artwork would imply - is only three tracks long, but holy shit have they delivered in style! Everything that made "Quick & Severe" amazing is still present, though the lads have opted to shoot for some slightly longer songs this time around; two and a half to three and a half minutes, nary a one minute blitzkrieg to be found. Yet. The upcoming physical copies of the EP will contain an exclusive fourth bonus track, which the horrible cunts have refused to send me, thus leaving me with the worst case of blueballs in ten years.

...Sorry, I've trailed off again. The tracks are still fast, frenzied, angry, exceptionally sarcastic and chock full of that delicious hardcore punk approach that pretty much no other thrash band is capable of capturing so perfectly these days, and it's fucking glorious. It's just wonderful, there isn't a great deal I can say here that I didn't excitedly rant about in my previous VA review, bar echoing my desire for another full length record as soon as possible. Buy the digital EP from the band's BandCamp page as soon as you can, or wait a while longer and get a physical copy with the elusive fourth track when that's eventually released. Thrash metal and hardcore have never been married so perfectly, and everyone could learn a few things from Visceral Attack. Everybody should be gay for VA.


1. Reroute Your Flute
2. It's A Comfortable Life
3. Thrash By Numbers

Self released
Reviewer: Dave Ingram Jr.
Feb 14, 2014

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