Virulency - Virulent Promo 2013

Now this promo here is another dimension in how to eviscerate whatever is alive on earth, dated in 2013.

Virulency is a band from Spain and their only purpose in music, is apparently to get the most extreme aspect out of everything. Either this is a guitar riff, or a drum fill or even an idea on how to produce something. The main idea behind all is extremity! They love it and they keep their levels high when it comes to it! This here is their new promo, which succeeds their 2012 EP, "Unbearable Martyrdom Landscapes". It is a two track promo which shows their intentions on the upcoming release (hopefully a full length).  Sheer brutality lads.. It can’t get simpler than that! An attempt to describe more may soften it down and I wouldn’t want that. What someone gets, when he listens to this new promo from this Spanish brutal slamming machine is so raw, as these two words say: Sheer brutality! And this translates to: Brutal hyper intense drumming. Fully blasted and not hesitating to use gravity at will, with the double kick speed aiming for a ticket, and the sound of it itchy as it should be! The guitar riffs are the typical brutal slamming death metal riffs. The speed and the intensity is this much, that the riffs can hardly be distinct, and all someone can hear is a sharp distortion wall , that not so many will understand, but everyone will like, cos let’s face it. When a band is reaching for such extremity in everything, no one’s aiming for super clean shit. It has to be sharp and cannibal-ish to make the ears bleed! The bass guitar is excellent and in fact it is easily traced as it has a distinct sound to bring it forth out of all this chaos.

The last and most exquisite element of this promo is of course the vocalist! Brutal growler that doesn’t seem to have a throat no more. Totally ripped vocals. Brutal growls, and super super low inhales, combined together to make this demo a total nuclear bomb ready to burst! Extremity in everything and the vocals couldn’t be left out of the game! The growler simply never stops. It is as if he works on the coin! This extremity of course, might be the negative element for some! Two songs can be tolerable, but I definitely could not imagine a whole album speeding this high! Actually it is not the speed. It is the roughness of this type of death metal these crazed Spaniards are playing, that it automatically brings the question, if a whole 35 minute album was like that , how would it sound!

Well it definitely would be a little tiring, but these are two songs we’re talking here! And those two float like water! Again and again. The riffs might not be distinct and the sound may be raw, but the intensity is aiming for the red zone, and when it comes to plain brutality, we’re talking about their game! No virgin-borne and no new sounds here..Only brutality in maximum degree...

Not for the feather-hearted! Word!

1. Immeasurable Gigantomastic Phenomenology
2. Mephistophelian Aesthetic Eroticism

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 7, 2013

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