Virulency - The Anthropodermic Manuscript Of Retribution

Oook about time with these guys. The Spaniards have been active since 2011 and after two promos and an EP they decided to release their first full length. Well I don't know if the right word for this, is 'release' or 'unleash' but the point is that "The Anthropodermic Manuscript Of Retribution", will take away your scalp. Tons of megatons of blastbeats along with hysterical guitar riffs and a relentless growler will infect your brain cells, and will not leave till all that remains is a filthy mush. It is no wander of course that this new album from Virulency got released from New Standard Elite. A more or less new label that has made a rapid opening into the death metal sound, releasing some of the nastiest and baddest motherfuckers out there.

So back to the album, two of the songs here could also be heard in their promo of 2013, but they really look nothing like what is heard in this CD. The production in this full length makes them ten times more powerful than they were on the promo, plus there might have been some slight alternations here and there. Let's get it from the start though 'Myriapod Constructology' part one enters after a short intro and the brain melting has already started. Heavy swirling and technical riffs, tight and fat bass sound which occasionally follows the guitar but is caught on many spots to improvise on its own, adding of course to the entire outcome. The vocals are simply relentless. Mr J has done an exquisite work on the vocal section using his voice as an instrument rather than just being the guy who would just happen to hold the mic. The vocals on this one follow their own pattern, sometimes growling and others going into low guttural mode but always aiming to sound as abnormal as they could. Out of this world I'm tellin ya.

The drummer's paean has already been praised but I cannot keep myself from raising my glass to the man. He literally took the already destructive force of the riffs bass and vocals and gave them the wheels to burn everything they came upon. Unstoppable and destructive. Same shit will go on for the next songs as well. The album goes on for 28 minutes and trust me these are going to be the most painful 28 minutes of your life. Production helps a lot to that. Itchy and powerful, giving the proper amount of heaviness to the whole outcome but also crystal clear allowing everything to be heard as they should. This of course is a matter of taste. The clarity to the sound is something really controversial to the death metal sound and although I am not a great fan of it, I can't help saying that this type, sounds fitting to what those beasts from Basque/Cantabria play. All this album needs is just one sec till you push the play button and then trust me, you'll find yourself sunk in deep waters with those ravagers crushing your eardrums with their technical brutal death metal.

"The Anthropodermic Manuscript Of Retribution" will definitely haunt the player of any brutal death metalers from here to planet Mars. Plug-play and bleed motherfuckerzzz!

  1. Myriapod Constructology - Part I - The Inception
  2. Myriapod Constructology - Part II - Absolute Zenith
  3. Immeasurable Gigantomastic Phenomenology
  4. Concupiscent Succubus Disturbance
  5. ...From Putrescible To Perpetual
  6. Mephistophelian Æsthetic Eroticism
  7. Beyond The Ablated Clitoral Organs
  8. Sculptured Didelphic Uterus