Virulency - Promo 2011

With only two tracks to introduce themselves on, Spain's Virulency have little room for error. The band mainly roots itself in a brutal death metal spot that sounds like a watered down version of Cryptopsy's 'None So Vile' or earlier Deeds Of Flesh or Suffocation. It is brutal stuff, when considering the low fi burn of "Field Of Impaled Bitches" which actually chugs along with some catchy rhythms as opposed to just blasting through, but when the vocals come in then the band may start to wear a bit. Like many brutal death metal bands, Virulency tends to emphasize too much on the 'brutal' part by making themselves as guttural as possible on both ends of the spectrum, either in the growls or high pitched pig squeals which just sound disturbing. There are even some lulling 'burping' growls that add a slight atmospheric touch, but also sound a bit juvenile, like the vocalist is trying to impress someone with how long he can hold his growl, but it just doesn't do justice. In fact, his vocals usually overshadow a lot of the other instruments, ruining the heavy, rhythmic chugs that listeners probably already got used to. "Concupiscent..." is much of the same, although this time when the vocals usually come on they're accompanied by everything in full swing overdrive (blastbeats galore and all), and there is some really impressive drum patterns involved in the music, but as far as production goes it is like the inverse occurs. The music is much louder than the vocals, making them more faded and obscured, and therefore more unbearable. It is understandable that this is a beginning promo, but in order to make 'decent music' that sounded like it took some skill to sit down rather than something whipped over while talking over dinner for an hour, Virulency need to make it seem like their work is clever brutal death metal instead of just seneless fury. The band recently released an EP shortly after this promo, and it hopefully has a much more rounded sound compared to this (these two tracks also make a second appearance, hopefully more fleshed out).

  1. Field Of Impaled Bitches: Inevitable Savagery
  2. Concupiscent Succured Disturbance

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Oct 9, 2011

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