Viron - NWOGHM

NWOGHM stands for New Wave Of German Heavy Metal and Viron is one of their ambasadeurs. The bands was formed more of less as a reaction of the different metal genres nowadays. The goal is to play pure heavy metal in the eigthies style but in a todays jacket. After a short intro (is that taken from AC/DCs Thunderstruck??) the first track really kicks off. High speed, furious guitars, powerful voice and groove. This kind of attacks you can find on the album but also ballad (Winds Of Valhalla), mid tempo (Viron) or epic (Doomsday). But I prefer the faster tracks. A various heavy metal album that is not adding something new but the quality is good with a good sound.

1. Sander (Intro)
2. Blow the fuse
3. Viron
4. Bound To Die
5. Winds Of Valhalla
6. For Her Majesty
7. Ride On
8. Instrumetal
9. Lucifer Arise
10. Born Out Of Light
11. Doomsday

Sonic Age Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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