Violent Eve - A Great Day

From Spain, this is their third full length release from a band that’s labelled as melodic death metal/metalcore, which covers lots of bases! The music on the opener is a touch progressive, and yet develops to very aggressive, whilst the vocals thoroughly have that “core” style to them. The breakdowns and augmented chords lose my interest, as it simply reminds me of a time in music that wasn’t too inspiring for me.

Moving further into the release, the second track ‘Harmony’ owes more to early Slipknot, Chimaira and the groove of latter Sepultura than anything remotely revolving in melodic death metal circles. The pattern continues for a number of tracks, although the opening riff of ‘Do Or Die’ is cool, a little djent as are some of the riffs in places along the journey of this album. I think the issue for me with this lies with the songs starting out different and having different elements to them, but they consistently rely on a similar groove pattern in the middle sections which forms the main basis for the release. All the hallmarks of metalcore are here with pig squeals, gruff heavy get the fuck out of town vocals and clean elements. The big surprise will be ‘Guiding Lights’…

For me, "A Great Day" is played well, arranged well but comes across as a combination of different songs within each track itself due to their varying stylistic changes that occur very frequently. It may not set the world on fire as it’s tried and tested music but as I take in some of their earlier material on their bandcamp site, it’s clear this is a step up for the band, but not the footprints I care to follow.

  1. Nihil  
  2. Harmony
  3. Eye Of Providence  
  4. Do Or Die  
  5. The Burnout  
  6. My Oath  
  7. Guiding Lights  
  8. One Enemy  
  9. Deceiver  
  10. The Wrong Shore