Vingulmork - Chiaroscuro

A debut full album release from a breath of dank dirty air from Norway… It has been a while since blackened thrash has been of a similar high quality, the nearest similarities to this band are Witchery and even some influences of Carpathian Forest. A nasty but precise musical combination.

Immediately ‘Collapse And Rebuild’ draws out the evil, the energetic stance of the music simply powers the listener forward. When the vocals start, that’s where my comparisons to Toxine (Witchery/Seance) comes to mind. ‘Hold Your Ground’ has a much more black metal approach, first, second wave, I don’t really care, its good stuff no need for idealistic labels here, it emerges once again into a thrashing monster, a behemoth of entertainment. ‘Painting Lives’ is a cool hybrid of the two styles at the intro, the following assault, well this is pretty nasty and fulfilling.

Hell is here and ‘Chiaroscuro’ is one of those albums that is a no brainer, you can play from start to finish without little to grumble about. It’s refreshing to hear a band that has got the energy and sound right for this sub-genre, a perfect mix and a perfect presentation. Had I not already submitted a top ten album list of the year already elsewhere, then this would have easily featured. Vingulmork is a stark lesson in all things blackened thrash, an evil son of bitch that will cut you down without a second glance, a black heart, a tainted heart, but I still implore you to buy this album!

  1. Collapse And Rebuild  
  2. Hold Your Ground  
  3. (I Am) The Darkness You Can Touch  
  4. The Haunting  
  5. Old Hate  
  6. From Promise  
  7. Painting Lives  
  8. White Dress, Black Heart  
  9. It Will Suffice