Vile Insignia - Cruel Dark Aggression

Vile Insignia have come a long way since playing their first show at the Calgary Metal Fest in 2011, and have now unleashed this 4 track beast entitled “Cruel Dark Aggression” onto the unsuspecting hordes.

Smouldering Remains Of The Sky
Literally combusting with the momentum of a speeding bullet! Raspy screams and gnarly growls play a big part on this track along with high energy blast beats and pulverizing riffs that come together on a bed of sharp rapturous melody.

Beneath The Frozen Soil
This has a supersonic blackened feel as it fights its way to life with infectious rhythms that tunnel into the aural with utter abandon. The kick beats are like time bombs, but sound, and indeed are a lot faster paced, with the ever growing crescendos of riffage, be them plentiful and offering a rich bounty of swelling, rabid fiery melodic sway.

Morbid Tales Of Bloodshed
This begins with some finely attuned melodic guitar which is then interrupted by some unmerciful screams. Its blackened roots darkening and thickening to a constant sway of ominous and manic beats.  Interweaving into it are some mouth-watering riffs that deploy a good sized chunk of slaughter into the carnage. Great track!

Creations Of Disharmony
Rhythmic driving rhythms urge forward at a necessary pace for this track to possess a nice ambient flavour, incorporating a bestial vocal and more rabid drumming. It is unrelenting in approach and holds the right amount of abrasiveness whilst still maintaining its constant rhythms of blackened, slow burning grooves.

The band have created a solid foundation on which to base future releases. A good strong solid 4 track E.P that holds more venom than a pit full of poisonous snakes! It houses rapid fire rhythms, combined with blackened blasts, vicious vocal accompaniment as well as strong meaty bass hooks that make up some serious gut wrenching metal amid a peppering of melodic pampering which fuses fantastically into the mix.

Vile Insignia - seething with a passionate rage that will not only bruise but burn!!  Their neck breaking rhythms are impacting as well as impressive! Superb 4 track E.P. I strongly urge you to listen and savour this!!! 4 Tracks just simply aren’t enough!!


  1. Smouldering Remains Of The Sky
  2. Beneath The Frozen Soil
  3. Morbid Tales Of Bloodshed
  4. Creations Of Disharmony

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 17, 2013

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