Vidharr - Rising From Abyss

This first demo is from 2005 while the bands ideas are from 2003. Vidharr hails from Italy and plays black metal in a raw sound. With 3 tracks (of which is 1 cover) and an outro it clock 14 minutes. But why a cover? Anyway, the demo starts of with a fast track and stops radically to flow into a peaceful midpart and then hit off again to do it again at the end of the song. Nice hellish vocals while the guitars riff hard but no raw leads. Songs interact oke with fast and midparts. The demo ends with an obscure outro without drums. In the end it is a nice demo but like to hear more songs to get a real good impression.

1. Murder In Snow
2. Evil's Glory
3. Carpathian Forest (cover)
4. After The War

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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