Vidharr - Cryo

Vidharr is an Italian Black Metal band founded in 2004 by Mørke & Reim as a doom project; however due to musical progression and influence they started composing Black Metal.

You would be wrong in thinking this was a blackened doom metal band on first listening to this, although it does house a black metal vocal, it also plays host to a deep resonating groove that has a tendency to bounce(!) along with some interesting stringed arrangements.  Moving further on, it does hit the blackened doom spot nicely and finishes off back to its welcome ‘bounce’ once more – great track!

Edgy and bristling with flexibility, this band are not your usual run of the mill black metal band.  They still capture the sickening black moments and the doom but they have given their tracks an added peppering of up tempo groove, which is good news as black metal usually gets stuck in the same old cliché with nowhere for it to go – However, this holds plenty of contrast.

This plays host to some beautiful ambient strings that lighten the doom with an intense array of lilting female vocal although it isn’t an up tempo track, the rhythms contained within it, are light and melodic with a good sample added. Once more the blackened vocal ignites and immerses the senses into some psychedelic strings – this has a lot of welcome variation.

Dark, heavy and ambient this track climbs up from the depths and into a roaring pit of malevolence. Good solid drumming and captivating riffs swell around a throaty rasp of evil vocal. Great rhythms of an up tempo nature spread over the entirety of the track but still cleverly caged within its blackening doom walls. Really exciting and enthralling track indeed.

A refined brooding immerses the senses into an evil array of gnarliness, rich in thick doom laden textures and interesting rhythms whilst seducing the listener with a resonating scathing voice that beckons with an evil dark force of temptation.

Back to the plucking of ambient strings that free flow amid a slow melodic foundation that is carved on a superb melancholic female vocal that basks in sophistication and dramatically swaggers into a more fiery depth as the seething angry vocal makes its present felt. Totally engrossing track that really speeds like a bullet further on with the ambient strings not far away.

Blank (cover EyehateGod)
Not sure why the band did this cover unless it was just as a filler for their album. I much prefer the bands own work than covers if I am perfectly honest.

Here is a band that are not afraid to leave their comfort zone and add hints and peppering’s of various up tempo rhythms to their blackened doom whilst adding a lilting female tone to blackened scathing vocal is such a good idea. The band have gone out of their way to shrug off the clichéd black doom metal and add in some interesting concepts that work extremely well, ensuring the listener always has something different and varied to listen to without going over the top. It is a great listen although forget the cover version, in my opinion it just takes away from all the bands hard efforts.

Interesting, engrossing and enthralling there is a lot on this E.P to consume and once you start consuming you won’t be able to contain your hunger.

  1. Void
  2. Rust
  3. Cryo
  4. Bolide
  5. Bacteria
  6. Processed
  7. Blank (cover EyehateGod)