Vholdghast - Lat Oss Forbrinna

Vholdghast hail out from Sweden and “Låt Oss Förbrinna” is their full length 2015 release of brutal blacken death. Vholdghast have been in existence since 2002 with their first demo released in 2010 when the band had finally found their niche with their sound which captured the interest of the Swedish indie-company ViciSolum Productions. Now with their 2015 release "Låt Oss Förbrinna" (let us burn), Vholdghast are ready to unleash their power and dominate the world!

Within these tracks you do hear this bands strong influence of the likes of Hypocrisy and Nile with hints of Behemoth tones here and there. This album definitely has a thick sound and it's brutality pushes and pushes, taking over the atmosphere, dispersing extreme aggression almost as if were demolishing everything in it's path.

The vocals are filled with anger and love how the backing vocals stand apart from the main vocals giving texture to the hatred. The percussion is pounding and the riffs drill right through you leaving no time for one to think or realize wtf happened?

I love the raw edge of this creation and love the warpath feel to this album in general. This might not be the earthshaking album of the year but I find it is an excellent break through as an introduction to what this band has to offer and I look forward to hearing what they come up with in future albums.

Vholdghast with "Låt Oss Förbrinna" prove that Scandinavia still holds it's place within the death metal market and I do highly recommend this album-it will wake you up! Check it out!

  1. Låt Oss Förbrinna
  2. I Am
  3. Born God
  4. Walk With Fire
  5. Disillusion Of Grandeur
  6. False Divination
  7. The End Of Existence
  8. Worship Us