Vesania - Firefrost Arcanum

A new black metal act from Poland that is releasing their debut in 2003. 12 Tracks on this disc but with 3 intros there are 8 tracks that must prove their capability. Fast, furious, surprising, darkness, heroic and hatred. Nice drumming. Also the use of keys and not only as a background support but duelling with the guitarriffs. The velocity of the long tracks go from slow to fast. At the end you cans ay that their debut is heavy but sensative. And now in 2004 it is rereleased by Crash Music.

1. Mystherion. crystaleyes
2. Introit algor
3. Nova persei
4. Algorfocus nefas
5. Marduke's mazemerising
6. Moonthrone. dawn broken
7. Introit focus
8. Daemoonion act II
9. Introit nefas
10. Dukedoom black

Crash Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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