Versus The Throne - Ruins Afire

Formerly known as Blood Spencer (sic!), this German band already released a demo and two EP´s between 2006 and 2008. I don´t know why the old name was cancelled, but maybe there was a need for a change.

Anyway, Versus The Throne operates under the banner of Metalcore. To be honest: my first idea about it was “Who needs another Metalcore act?”. In my opinion everything´s in the Metalcore genre is said and done. But Versus The Throne added some interesting variations to their style. Sometimes the riffs remind me of earlier In Flames or Amon Amarth, but without reaching this blueprint. Every now and then the band comes up with harmonious string work e.g. like the opening riff of the title track, but it seems like the guys are still a bit uncertain about their musical direction, because unfortunately a lot of the good ideas and intentions are tainted by meaningless breaks and clichés. Of course there are no doubts about the skills, but the Metalcore roots with all its stereotypes and breakdowns doesn´t get along with the Scandinavian Death Metal touch too well. But let´s take a closer look at the complete works. The production is simply powerful and above any reproach, while the drumming is quite cool and beneficial, too. The guitar fraction offers the before mentioned crossover of down tuned stop and go riffs and the Gothenburg school of Death Metal. The microhphone abuser sounds like almost any other Metalcore vocalist and regrettably his contribution was mixed a bit too much into the background. I´m sure Versus The Throne raises a real storm when it comes to live shows, but “Ruins Afire” sounds indecisive over long periods. If the band would reduce the Metalcore parts and concentrate on more independent melodic Death Metal riffing, the next output will be a must-have item for everyone. Nevertheless, open-minded or curious people should give this act from Münster, Germany a try.

  1. A Revelation Of Despair

  2. Ruins Afire

  3. Haunted By The Nights

  4. Crestfallen

  5. The Arsonists

  6. Judas Castigation

  7. Hatalyst

  8. Heresy

  9. To Our Cost Of Significant Ignorance

  10. Our Prophecy

Bastardized Recordings
Reviewer: Alex
Jan 28, 2010
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