Vergil - Tomorrow Will Be Worse Than Today

Vergil perform gothic rock from Finland. By incorporating lush melodies with soaring vocals, but not as soaring as power metal vocals, they develop a style of rock that is heavy but also melodic, thanks to the keyboards. Tomorrow Will Be Worse Than Today is a short album, but the music is exciting rather than depressive. Some of the guitar tones are mournful, but for the most part this steady, gothic rock. "Back To My Arms" features plenty of synth and throaty singing while the guitars hold more optomistic melody than the lyrics convey. "Vanity Of Life" is more guitar dominant and is a great melodic metal track with the same mix of depression and optimism that clash off each other in lyrics vs. music. The title track is the most depressing song on the album as it lends the guitar melodies more towards doom metal chugs and the vocals take on a clean, mournful tone. The keyboards are sorrowful and stay in the background as the drums keep up a simple, funeral pace. The closing track, "Sister September's Soul" features some of the best vocal work and even some progressive melodies, delivering more electric string pickings rather than superfluous chords. A great gothic rock track that borders opera.

The closest comparison that can be made to Vergil is To/Die/For- also from Finland- which offers a similar style of gothic rock, but is a bit more raw and harsher in sound along with more liberal use of the keyboards. It's a surprise that Vergil hasn't pick up any label yet because they are very good. The sound is clean, inspiring (even if not meant to be), and offers great romantic notions. Hopefully their full length album will out soon.

  1. Back To My Arms
  2. Vanity Of Life
  3. Tomorrow Will Be Worse
  4. Sister September's Soul

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jun 10, 2010

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