Venomous - Tribus

New EP for Brazilians Venomous, melodic death metal from Sao Paulo. One year after their second full length "The Black Embrace" the five Brazilian guys release this "Tribus", 4-track EP under Brutal Records (the official video for the song "Unity" has already been released).

Very particular melodic death and certainly with clear references to the area of ​​origin of the band. The EP opens with 'Venomous Eerie Land' where the melodic accent is perhaps more emphasized than the other songs. With 'Trinity' things begin to change and Venomous can begin to feel all their power, always controlled by an excellent playing technique. Rhythm section and chasing riffs are a bit the trademark of this band, still perhaps immature in carving out a very specific place within the scene.

Personally I'm not a fan of clean voices and maybe here they needed to be treated more. Always excellent work of the two guitarists who manage to build the right balance in each song. 'Unity' closes this "Tribus" in all beauty, a song that is appreciated from the very first notes. Difficult to give a global judgment. Surely this is a good EP and the potential of the band is really high. Band to definitely give a chance to in the future. Well done!

3.5 / 5 STARS 


1. Eerie Land
2. Trinity
3. Duality
4. Unity