Veneral Messiah - Hooked Flesh

This is a 5 track demo from Veneral Messiah. Their style of gore grind can be described as fucking sick and distorted. Very low tuned vocals (grouch...), drumprogramming (they are doing nowadays real drumming) and the short riffing guitars. Short songs that squeeze the blood out of your flesh for sure. This kind of stuff can only be made of fans of this metal style. So if you can name some bands out of this genre and you will know what to expect. Cool stuff and we will see what they do in the next release...

1. Mortally Wounded
2. Hooked Flesh
3. Precoital Evisceration
4. Afterbirth Engorgement
5. Eye Socket Sodomy

Sevared Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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