Veneficum - Enigma Prognosis

After a debut mostly a 2nd album follows and so it is with Veneficum. Again they lift themselves a bit higher on the black metal sports. Besides the fury it is technical, symphonic and melodic. Thunders double bass drums. Ear catchers are the guitarleads and the multi vocal style. A disc you should have listen to because of their skills and love.

1. Odd weather
2. Psychological orb unreest
3. Oblivion sektor
4. Existential stellar palette
5. Bleak transparent face
6. Tires aeons
7. Contorted wake tapestry
8. Spectresphere
9. A new consciousnes
10. Evolution damnation
11. Reflections collapse

Foreverunderground Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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