Vehementer Nos - Vehementer Nos

The use of violins, particularly in the first, fourth and fifth tracks is a unique and refreshing innovation in the field of black metallurgy. The production on this record is exceptional, especially considering the band pretty much did it themselves in a home studio. Vehementor Nos employ everything from acoustic guitars and piano to woodwind instruments and the aforementioned use of violins, along with of course the black metal standard wall of guitars tearing through a melancholic dirge in accompaniment of a howling, growling part-man, part-beast on vox with percussive blast-beats that resemble rumbling thunder and the crash of lighting creating a devastating sonic soundscape to pummel your eardrums until you are emotionally drained.

1. Contre Le Cycle
2. Les Devastes
3. Absurde
4. Seuls
5. Dans Le Flot

Osmose Productions
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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