Unreal Overflows - Architecture Of incomprehension

The band hails from Spain and is a resurrection of the band Absorbed (early 90s). With this debut album they hail their influences like Pestilence, Cynic or Atheist. So expect technical and melodic death metal. Well crafted and skilled the band produces 11 tracks that will leave you oh and ah. Tempos changing frequently, aggressive vocals and floating guitar riffs make attractive songs. Although I miss the guitarleads. But a good thing is that they have an ear for their sound as the production is clear and powerful. So combine the good songwriting, good production and the aformentioned bands and you can complete the picture. Just take a listen and embrace Unreal Overflows!

1. Paths To The Human Involution
2. The Unavoidable Passage Of Time
3. Crematory Of Forgotten Cries
4. Breeders Of Credibility
5. Unexpected Dimensions
6. What To Do When...
7. Is There Anybody Outside?
8. Psycho-Thought
9. Pain Of An Afflicted Soul
10. In Darkness I Dwell 2005
11. Under The Quiet Silence

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Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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