Unity Through Sickness - Volume 2

Bucket Of Afterbirth Productions decided to release its new compilation CD. "Unity Through Sickness" is the title and this is the second volume. 18 bands, 7 countries and a CD full of death metal related songs. Let the battle commence.

First band to open the split CD is a one man death metal band from the States. Obscured Revelations and the song is called 'The Birth Of The God In You'. The patterns they/he follow/s, is definitely the old school, primitive death metal sound. For fans of Necrophagia, Master, Sarcofago etc. Although it is a good effort, the result is kind of messy. The vocals are way up front and the drums are way back. What Obscured Revelations tried to do here is recreate the atmosphere those primitive death metal albums had back in the day, but what they lack mostly is riffing. The riffs they used to build their song are a bit dull and the song is 4 minutes so it kind of gets tiresome. Not a bad effort (fans of the ultra, super underground sound might actually find it interesting) but they definitely can do better.

Aborning is the second band/song and 'Cum Stains' is their contribution to this compilation. Brutal death metal is what Aborning play and 'Cum Stains' prove the level they are into. Brutal death metal at its finest. Tight riffing with a great variety of techniques, and a beast on vocals. Gutturals, squeals and grunts are heard pettily in this one. A US band that exists from 2008 with couple of split CDs and an EP. Time for a full length ain’t it?

Moving on to the third song we meet Goremonger. We’re still in the US and this time we’re dealing with porn-grind. A one man band that definitely serves the term. Anything anyone wants to listen when he talks porn-grind, is there. The groovy beats, the blast beats, the demented guttural vocals and the sick porn lyrical content. Everything I’m tellin ya. And how couldn’t it? Goremonger is a veteran in the genre. Since 2007 he’s released 6 full lengths and countless split CDs. 'Tight Like A Twelve Year Old Tuna' is Goremonger’s share here and the fans of the genre will definitely approve.

Next song comes from the Germans Atomgott. The song is called 'Es zerfällt Von Selbst' and is taken from their recent first full length, Apatheia. Brutal death metal at its finest. A swarm of riffs covering a wide variety of techniques and a drummer that knows when to go crazy and when to groove it all up. Bass and vocals follow the rest to the madness they spread. Definitely technical but not tiresome at all.

Back From Death succeeds the brutal death metal craze in this brutality race. These L.A freaks must love Morbid Angel a lot as many of their riffs are screaming their name as influence. A really good mixture of Morbid Angel, Immolation and early Death in their most brutal aspects. Really cool song. Brutal and with a good production that kind of brings forth the swamp. The trophy hunters out there can search for their promo of 2011 called "Plague Of The Dead".

Moving on and sinking deeper into the mud with the Dutch old schoolers, Diluted Mind. Old school in everything. The sound, the riffs, the vocals… All reeks 90s putrefaction. Really fresh band with just one demo of 2016 (if I am not mistaken) in their discography. 'Callus Critters' is their share of rot in this split. Minimalistic but great aspect on how old school should sound. Fans of old Death, Massacre etc, etc, should definitely check.

Moving on to the 7th track we come upon Gutted. And since there are half a dozen Gutted out there let’s make it clear that these freaks here are the Hungarians. Technical shit and definitely a more modern approach to death metal than the previous two. With their last full length dating back to 2010, I’d say this is a really nice come back. Tight riffing that blends technical shit with more groovy and simple, and a ferocious drummer kicking the shit out of his kit. Harsh vocals that seem fit to the outcome and a clear production that boosts the song a lot allowing everything to be heard. Top Notch.

8th track comes from US once more. This time Magguts come to take us to their death/grind swirl. 'Popsicles In The Basement' is the title and it really kicks well as their death metal meets grind in a really nice blend. Production could be a bit more bright but I believe no one’s gonna care even if it isn’t. Definitely for fans of Terrorizer, Phobia and Napalm Death.

9th song in, and back to brutal death metal with the ravager’s from UK called Crepitation. Some of you might already know the name. 'Shittifying Quaffage Of Hideous Smegmatic Rectal Chunder' is their share, taken from their latest full length, "The Violence Of The Slams". Great brutality comes out of the speakers, with the extremely high pitched pig squeals and the bucket sounding snare listed as one of their trademarks. Ferocious blast beats and crazed swirling riffs lead to, tight and cohesive brutal death metal. Check em out.

Moving on and back to Germany. Bleeding Heaven are also into brutal death metal but less paroxysmal than Crepitation and a bit more groovy. 'Eater Of Words' is their song and it is taken from their latest full length with the title "World Eating Anomaly". A song that has its moments parted. Sets off blasted and tense and ends up with a slammy break and groovy. Break, and then blast again. Really nice song construction that can’t leave none indifferent.

Now the next band Cuff is a band I’ve been attending for long. Since 2005 they’ve released a ton of releases. Split CDs, EPs, promos and 7 full length’s in all. Many genres they have crossed their path with, and you can find em playing gore grind, porno grind and lately sci-fi brutal death metal. 'Bypassing Evolution' is a track taken from "Interstellar Deviance" 2015 EP. Brutal death metal at its finest version. Great technical riffs that flirt a lot with slam and brutal gurgly vocals from the Canadians. A really awesome brutal track. The fact of them splitting up recently saddens me a lot.

Anyway… Moving on to the States and to At The Graves. Death metal mixed with progressive. Kind of not my cup if tea actually, but these guys seem to do it right. 'Reanimate II: Brainlust' is taken from their EP of 2016 which is their only release as a band. Definitely for the fans of Swedish melodic death metal sound.

Their fellow countrymen Post Mortal Possession don’t seem to share their love for melody though. 13th song in and 'Skinwalker' is their aspect on how death metal should be played. Groovy old school death metal that mixes two styles of vocals. The typical death metal growls with the black metal shrieks. Great music from back in the day. Their approach to the whole matter though is modern. Crystal clear production and some really nice leads that kind of bring the old to the new. Song which you can also find in their EP of 2016 called "Forest Of The Damned".

Next song comes from the Canadians Exsanguinate. Fresh band with one EP and one full length. 'Macabre Synopsis' is a new track and it is what we’d call barbaric death metal. Simple riffs. Relentless blasting drums and brutal growling vocals way up front in the mix that will make your ears bleed. Primitive production and clearly this is all you need. Awesome.

Next band in this comp is a band from Malaysia. Filoforce is the name and the boys are really new in the genre. 'War' is their share here and it is taken out of their demo of 2016 which is their sole release. Old school death-thrash metal is what they play and I can’t say I am much impressed. But on the other side I can’t say it is bad either. They are mostly mid tempo. The song is complete with bridges, refrains and leads and solos n all. I think the main problem to me is the black metal vocals they chose to go with. To my ears their music would sound much more full and complete if they used growls other than shrieks. But again this is my tini tiny opinion. Check em out and see for yourselves.

Next song comes from the Americans Bound By The Grave. Brutal death metal the old school way. Brings in mind, Suffocation and Gorgasm. Really good players that know what they want from their music. The entire song sounds cohesive and massive with great breaks and technical interleaves that kind of make it breathe. Taken from their EP of 2015 called "Methods Of Disposal".

Second last band comes also from the US. Now, Supplication you might not now but you might have heard of the Texans Embodyment, which is the band that split up and gave birth to Supplication. 'Demolished' is their track to this compilation and it is a mix of death metal with slammy beat downs. A song with great potential, but unfortunately to my ears it kind of sounds hasty and somewhat unconnected. I mean you can spot some nice riffs here and there but maybe the guys should try finding a better way to wrap all their riffs into one song. Looks more like a scratch track. Anyway Supplication is a band that still has a lot to give. Checking their info you can see they’re up to a new EP and a split so, let’s see what they bring with it.

Last band/track in this compilation comes from Vmthanaachth and the song itself is called 'For The End Of The Mother Of Abominations' taken from their CD with title "Fit Secundum Regulam". Avant garde shit is what’s going on here. The song itself is about 18 minutes so you must be really into atmosphere and stuff like that or else, I am sure you won’t take it. The label describes it as Avant garde metal influenced by technical death metal, from the U.S. Personally I saw no connection to technical death metal as far as this song goes. It is just 18 minutes of an irritating guitar playing over some shitty aura sample. Literally NOTHING more going on here. So if you are into atmosphere try it. If not, just roll the CD from the start.

Summing up this marathon I have to say that this compilation CD worth every dime you spend. You get to know 18 bands from the extreme sound and most of them were exquisite. Bucket Of Afterbirth nailed it.

  1. Obscured Revelations - The Birth Of The God In You
  2. Aborning - Cum Stains
  3. Goremonger - Tight Like A Twelve Year Old Tuna
  4. Atomgott - Es Zerfallt Von Selbst
  5. Back From Death - Face Of The New Dawn
  6. Diluted Mind - Callous Critters
  7. Gutted - Hell Dwells Inside
  8. Magguts - Popsicles In The Basement
  9. Crepitation - Shittifying Quaffage Of Hideous Smegmatic Rectal Chunder
  10. Bleeding Heaven - Eater Of Worlds
  11. Cuff - Bypassing Evolution
  12. At The Graves - Reanimate Ii: Brainlust
  13. Post Mortal Possession - Skinwalker
  14. Exsanguinate - Macabre Synopsis
  15. Filoforce - War
  16. Bound By The Grave - Solitude
  17. Supplication - Demolished
  18. Vmthanaachth - For The End Of The Mother Of Abominations

Bucket Of Afterbirth Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 15, 2016

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