Undinism - Born With An Erection

Prolapse Records is a label from Australia that is specialized in releasing obscure gore grind bands. The countrymates Undinism released a lot of sexual perversity upon the scene and all those are collected on this disc. And as you see the tracklist, you find 70 songs!! No wonder when the songs are short in time, before you know the next songs is playing. The songs are short and fast and are not complicated. Undinism is a master in making up songtitles, very funny. This disc is cool for people who want to complete their Undinism collection because most of the songs were released on tape or vinyl. Simple and uncompromising.

1. Bleeding Cock Stump
2. Cum Soaked Foetus
3. Molest A Retard
4. Shit Porno Whore
5. Vomitose
6. Teenage Girls Addicted To Penis
7. Ruptured Slut
8. Arsehair Toupé
9. Pimping Paraplegic Prostitutes
10. My Tongue Is Your Tampon
11. Bones Of Chalk
12. Nympho Gimp
13. Liquid Blisters
14. Born Of The Bomb
15. David Koreeh Cult Song
16. Down Syndrome Rape
17. Severed Cock Med
18. Kill Gays
19. M.S. Rape-A-Thon
20. Deceased Pig Felcher
21. Terry
22. Severed Cock Med
23. Kill Gays
24. Liquid Blister
25. Bleeding Cock Stump
26. Pseudo Youth (N.D.)
27. Arsehair Toupé
28. M.S. Rape-A-Thon
29. Intro By Cosmic Commander!
30. Pleasure From Piss
31. Molest A Retard
32. Nympho Gimp
33. Deceased Pig Felcher
34. Bleeding Cock Stump
35. Bones Of Chalk
36. Pimping Paraplegic Prostitutes
37. Ruptured Slut
38. Terry
39. Cum Soaked Foetus
40. Used Your Sisters Pubes As Dental Floss
41. Kill Gays
42. Born Of The Bomb
43. Pseudo Youth (N.D.)
44. My Tongue Is Your Tampon
45. Liquid Blisters
46. Arsehair Toupé
47. Teenage Girls Addicted To Penis
48 David Koreeh Cult Song
49. M.S. Rape-A-Thon
50. Shit Porno Whore
51. Vomitose
52. Fart Filled Asthma Pump
53. Severed Cock Med
54. Down Syndrome Rape
55. Nympho Gimp
56. Ruptured Slut
57. Down Syndrome Rape
58. Bleeding Cock Stump
59. Vomitose
60. Fall To Our Knees
61. David Koreeh Cult Song
62. Deceased Pig Felcher
63. Senile Dementia
64. Rapist Die
65. Glam Cock
66. Educated Scum
67. Just Sit
68. TV Stars
69. Born Of The Bomb
70. Freaks Of Nature

Prolapse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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