Undead - Existential Horror

"Existential Horror" is the debut full length from Undead following two EP’s. Undead are a four piece based between Spain and the UK. Undead have a curious mix of styles and textures. There is the Swedish chainsaw guitar tone upfront with many a shredding riffs with a black metal sheen over the top. There is a horror theme but with a fun element also. There is also a good use of melody when needed especially in the solos and the songs are catchy as hell.

The album goes straight for the Jugular with the opening track 'Haunted By Hate' a Celtic Frost flavoured headbanger with a gorgeous solo at the end. This track actually sums the album up nicely. Everything unfolds and is expanded upon from here. The last minute of 'Santa Muerte' has this twin melody with the guitars and gives a real sinister atmosphere. It’s great. Not to mention the introduction of the title track, I love the opening riff it sounds so evil and the song as a whole is awesome. 'City Of Silence' is another relentless track with a memorable lead.

There is no messing about on this album, each track gets on to do what it needs to do, no bullshit intros, no song outstays its welcome.

While this isn’t anything you haven’t heard before, rarely have you heard it done better. It’s a classic formula brilliantly executed. A fun half hour of old school death metal with a classic old horror movie spirit.


1. Haunted By Hate
2. Masters Of Mankind
3. Sin & Death
4. Santa Muerte
5. City Of Silence
6. Existential Horror
7. Curse Of The Undead
8. Sarcophagus
9. Beyond Divine Regulation