Umbra Noctis - Luce Oltre Il Confine

This is the debut album of Umbra Noctis. The band is hailing from italy and is playing epic black metal with folk influences. The band is singing in their native language which gives it a folk element. The vocals are sung with a varity which makes it attractive even though they sing in Italian. The vocals are dominant in the songs. Tempo of the songs is mostly mid tempo with melody but they also go on a faster level. This MCD is clocking almost half an hour with tunes that have much intervalls and maybe a bit too much. Because of the changes you can loose grip on the song and can't devide them from eachother. But these 4 tracks (first one is an intro) show potential to write nice songs and looking forward for their next work.

1. Terra di decadenza
2. Risveglio
3. Spettri sul fiume
4. Verso l'alba di nuova vita
5. Trascendenza

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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