Traumatomy - Extirpation Paradigms

Traumatomy are a slamming brutal death metal band from Russia and their newest album Extirpation Paradigms is a great entry into their already amazing discography. With extremely low guttural vocals and explosive percussion adding to the overall insane brutality.

Starting off the album with the track, 'Feeding Organism,' a song which does not slow from beginning to end. With a kickstart guitar riff leading directly into the brutality, the true hero behind the album is the vocals. It is incredibly rare to hear guttural vocals that go insanely low yet Traumatomy have an extreme talent for this style of vocal. With the classic biscuit tin snare sound thrown in with the speed filled blast beats creating a psychotic atmosphere.

The guitar work on this album is top class mental, with plenty of pitch shift bends and face punching deep growling riffs. The second song off the album, 'Inducing Intragenic Deformity,' is incredibly similar to the first track however there are a fair share of slower more groove styled breakdowns. If this were to be played in a live scenario this is the track were the pit opens up and cracks open hell itself. Overall, this track is fun and intense from beginning to end yet after the second song almost all the songs sound the exact song not straying to far away from the format that they have created. Which is not necessarily a bad thing as the format they use is incredibly fun and brutal with plenty of head banging riffs and spine snapping vocal work.

We end the album on the only track to feature an artist. This artist being Josh Welshman from Defeated Sanity who are a progressive brutal death metal band so the two groups in theory work amazing together however in practice they are better than amazing they are near perfection. The track called, 'Epitome Of Depravity' the vocal work is a true heavy shock and face punch alongside near gut melting guitar riffage.

All together this album is full of insanity and psychotic brutality with blasts and guttural vocals spreading fear from beginning to end, yet there is little difference in the tracks almost all blending in together which is boring in areas however if you are a fan of slamming brutal death metal then this is not a problem as Traumatory are a future titan in the genre.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Intro
2. Feeding Organism
3. Inducing Intragenic Deformity
4. Ruinous Metamorphosis
5. Extirpation Paradigms
6. Patterns Of Tyranny
7. Filled With Abhorrence
8. Instinctive Defilement
9. Epitome Of Depravity