Tramortiria - Wrath Among The Dead

One thing that is safe to say about Tramortiria's debut album is that they certainly have their rhythms pegged. A heavy, yet very enjoyable take on Thrash, 'Wrath Among The Dead' is filled with some of the most even paced, memorable riffs that have been heard in Metal; the only downside is they can get somewhat repetitive. The album opens with the highly melodic 'Dust' which is something that the band doesn't use enough on the album; more openings like this would have made this album much better. For the most part, the album is built upon hard, chugging openings such as "World Of Fashion" which houses the more typical, Kreator oriented sound that is fast on the riffs with its stop n' go pace with the drums having their own clear distinction. Then there are tracks like "Deep Forest Night" which are a bit slower, catchier, and a lot more Rock oriented and don't feel as rushed or dry with the pace of the music. The vocals tend to switch between the typical Thrash rasp and somewhat of a higher pitched Heavy Metal toned singing; hence the more Rock oriented sound that is akin to Judas Priest rather than Slayer.

Other tracks like "Bad News, Good Stuff!" come off as a bit hokey with its brief, 80s melodies that could have opened up for a full length song that would have been much better than a stand alone with spoken word samples that just don't seem to really bring a point to the inclusion of the track on the first place. "Scoop!" is a much better example of a lighthearted Thrash track that doesn't make as much use of the singular melody lines, unlike "Enigma," but it still is extremely likable. "Enigma" is downright perfect and it is a shame there aren't more tracks like this as it opens melodically and ends brutally with just the right moments of guitar without being too cliche on the overbearing, raging solo. This band easily compares to groups like Generation Kill for its focus on strong rhythms that are a bit more mainstream and farther away from the more typical Slayer copy of being fast, violent, and pretty basic without really bending or breaking barriers. 'Wrath Among The Dead' is certainly going to be a bit calmer than most would expect from such a title, but the rhythms are as driving- though not as culturally charged- as a Melechesh album and sitll quite fun to hear for those who like Thrash overall.

  1. Dust
  2. 1936
  3. Earth Attack
  4. World Of Fashion
  5. Morrow
  6. Face To Face
  7. Deep Forest Night
  8. Blood Buster
  9. Bad News, Good Stuff
  10. Scoop!
  11. Enigma