Toxic Holocaust - From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction

Here is a gift for all the Speed Metal Punx to enjoy! Those who are unfamiliar with the group, Toxic Holocaust is an established Hardcore Punk Thrash band out of Portland, Oregon. Originally Joel Grind was the sole member and creative force behind the bandʼs first couple albums and other recordings. Then with time Toxic Holocaust formed into a solid three piece group releasing a couple awesome full-length albums titled “An Overdose Of Death...” and “Conjure And Command.” Toxic Holocaust is the epitome of an extreme heavy Punk Thrash band. Their sound is a mix between Slayer, early Bathory, Venom, and Black Flag. Joelʼs vocals remind me a lot of the early Bathory recordings with this harsh presentation that adds to the musicʼs brutal sound while the guitar riffs attack with a fierce distorted driving tone like a motorcycle speeding through hell at top speed.

“From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction” is a twenty-two song compilation of demos, singles, and songs from various splits. The production for some of the songs is definitely different from the songs that are featured on the full-length albums. I like how the demos sound because people can get a sense of the raw Thrash based sound which makes Toxic Holocaust such an intense heavy sounding group. The compilation starts out with the two tracks from the “Death Master EP.” I find the early years of Toxic Holocaust to be the most aggressive sounding because Joel is pouring his Metal soul into each recording. The rough demo recordings of “Send Them To Hell,” “Thrashing Death,” and “Arise From The Cemetery” sound extremely dark on this compilation. They sound as if Joel recorded them in a crypt with a small tape recorder. These songs are all on the “Hell on Earth” album and I really like hearing the difference in production. Even though the production is different I still find the riffs and vocals to be just as intense. However, once I reach the demo songs that from “An Overdose Of Death...” and “Conjure And Command” I can hear a progression in the bands heavy Thrash sound. “Nuke The Cross” is probably my favorite Toxic Holocaust song and one I highly recommend people to check out. The song is centered around this fast galloping riff which is accompanied by Joelʼs harsh vocals. Another track that sounds great in demo form is “Bitch.” This song is a combination of intense punk style rhythms mixed with heavy Thrash sounding guitars.

The last two tracks “We Bring ʻEm Hell” and “Altar-ed States” are my favorite songs on this album. Both songs are featured on the Toxic Waste 12” split which was released by Tankcrimes Records last year. The split contains two songs each from Toxic Holocaust and party thrashers Municipal Waste. I reviewed the split when it came and recommend getting a copy. “We Bring ʻEm Hell” is a short aggressive track with great fist raising lyrics and a main rhythm that causes immediate stage diving. I personally like “Altar-ed States” the best because the guitar riff is pure old school Thrash, but with the distinctive Toxic Holocaust stamp.

Overall this twenty-two song compilation is well worth getting and playing for you fellow Punk Thrash friends. Also make sure to check out the full-length albums I have mentioned so you can hear the difference between those songs and the demos featured on “From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction.” Toxic Holocaust is one of Thrash Metalʼs most intense and exciting bands who are keeping this music moving forward. Up the Speed Metal Punx!

1. Intro
2. Metal Attack
3. Deathmaster
4. Created To Kill
5. Ready To Fight
6. Arise From The Cemetery
7. Thrashing Death
8. Send Them To Hell
9. Never Stop The Massacre
10. Army Of One
11. Death Camp
12. Reaper's Grave
13. Death Brings Death
14. In The Name Of Science
15. Nuke The Cross
16. Suicide Eye
17. 666
18. Bitch
19. Agony Of The Damned
20. A.T.O.M.I.C.
21. We Bring Em Hell
22. Altar-ed States