Tombthroat - Eden Apocalyse

As I've said before in many reviews, "never judge a book by its cover", its hard not to by this one. Let me explain. The name Tombthroat to me sounds a little silly, I have heard some weird ones in my time believe you me, but a tomb throat?! ok fair enough. but on the other hand the artwork for this huge slab of death metal is fantastic! One of the coolest covers for a CD I have seen in a little while. It really captivates me and invites me to listen to whats inside. To me, thats what you want!! So job done on that front.

Tombthroat have been going since 96 and hail from Germany and to be honest, I had never heard of them since being presented with this CD for review. The CD opens with a very ominous droning sound which is layered with some German speaking. I've no idea whats being said as my German isnt so up to scratch ha! First, real track were given bursts from my speakers with great force reminding me of the death grind ilk of Suffocation, particularly Suffocation`s self titled I can hear certain guitar melodies that hark back to "Bind, Torture Kill". This is their interpretation. Imitation is the best form of flattery and that:) This track and album title track "Eden Apoclapyse" is just that.

The track that follows is a monstrous slab of blast and groove death metal which sounds simply put.... awesome! Theres a ton of groove, enough to get anyones head banging and fists punching the air. Of course theres enough blast beats in here you would think the CD is packed with dynamite! Needless to say this track is called "I, supremacy". This is a statement in itself for it sounds like a grand declaration of war coming out of my stereo. Each track that follows is a sonic equivalent of getting battered with a baseball bat repeatedly. It sounds so good! The production on offer is clean but very heavy with each instrument shine through with great clarity. I normally highlight the fact in most dm records the bass is hard to due to low tuning and bad bad mixing but the bass is fantastic. It compliments alot of riffs and brings alot to the recording. The guitar sound here is great and super heavy and executed with some serious finesse but the drumming is what makes it all gel together. The drums really accentuate the mood be it a groove section or blast section. The drums do the business every time.

The vocal delivery really reminds me of Frank Mullen ala Suffocation, what more do ya want really!? He's my favorite dm vocalist so no complaints from me on that front. What strange about this album is that it starts as a Suffocation like album which is class and then by the track "A Dominion" it sounds like a sped up Immolation album with tons of twists and bended riffs. Which I think sounds awesome, I just found it a bizarre twist. From this track onwards the album gets very dark and angry. Album closer "Lord Of The Cremation Ground" is a hybrid of the 2 peers I've already mentioned but fused them so good to form a perfect death metal beast. I normally pick out my favorite tunes of any given album to review but I cant for this album. I'd regard this album as one piece of music. One of the best dm albums I heard in a long time and very refreshing to this ears. Essential listening here folks.


1. Manifestation
2. Eden Apocalypse
3. I,Supremacy
4. Condemned At Procreation
5. Breed Of Depravity
6. Psychological Disharmonism
7. A-Dominion
8. Of The Goat And The Lamb
9. Bleed For Me
10. On The Gallows
11. Lord Of The Cremation Ground