ThrOes - This Viper Womb

Some bands, some artists, some albums stand alone. They don’t slip neatly into a genre pigeonhole; they don’t readily display a host of obvious influences and inspirations, they don’t toe the party line or say all the right things to woo fans to their banner. Trent Griggs is such an artist, ThrOes are such a band and This Viper Womb is most definitely such an album. This Viper Womb grew at its own pace, coming into being over a number of years. It is the worldview, the philosophy, the truth of Trent Griggs. Every element of this music, every word of these lyrics has been crafted meticulously to convey this truth. With the assistance of notorious Australian metal scene vocalist, James Ludbrook and current Suffocation drummer, Kevin Talley (also ex-Misery Index, ex-Six Feet Under, ex-Dying Fetus and a host more) Trent Griggs has brought an incredible extreme metal album to life; wild and unrestrained yet perfectly planned – chaos within structure, structure within chaos. With the established ‘rules’ of metal having little relevance to ThrOes, Griggs, like other great pioneers, has created his own genre – Dissident Metal...population one.

“I stand by the fact that I feel ThrOes does not sound like anything else in metal” the band mastermind explains. “I feel it is in opposition to 90% of metal on a stylistic and thematic level and I do not care one bit about belonging to a group or limiting my style to a few enforced adjectives by authorities I do not follow.”

Welcome to This Viper Womb. There is knowledge to be found here, there are lessons to be learned. There is thrilling, original music and a sound like no other. This is Dissident Metal. This is ThrOes!

Permanent Midnight
Is just hot off the press and when I say hot I mean boiling point hot, the hot that obliterates the audial with no mistake as these aggressors tear strips from the tender listening components and show no mercy while they do it. The sizzling rawness that protrudes will have the speakers emitting smoke!

Shock To The Guts
Here the vocal blasting shapes the track with its extreme and to the point curdling, the overwhelming menace goes that one stage further and pummels with severe ferocity. Striking with sublime and lingering magnetism will be more than a shock to the guts when one feasts on its power.

Dead Lights
Another stirring track that paves the way for a malignant fest of ‘more than’ grouchy, but utterly vicious temperament and savage devouring. The vocal surging is deadly and exudes from the silver tonsils of Trent Griggs and additional vocals by James Ludbrook who attack with extreme intensity.

Conscience Makes Cowards
Is a rather slower paced ensemble of cautious strings that are strikingly powerful and imposing! However, the caustic tones push it forward into a bombastic frenzy while still housing a potent melody.

Nothing Left For The Vultures
Firing with a rabid intensity and vulgar aggressive snarls that are not afraid to attack the track emerges as a melodic venture but with added sting in its vicious tail and fuelled with a deep creative antagonistic flair.

Nowhere Else
Reveals more impressive and thrilling vocal encounters that go on rewarding. The music spirals into a venomous rhythms that is equally matched. The tempting ferocity and vehemence propagates a chilling new depth.

This Viper Womb
The bands title track possesses a sinister edge that gathers attention as it wraps itself melodically around the ears and grips with an iron fist of malevolence, continuing to blend in its beguiling sounds.

Lavish The Anguish
Hits the ground running in an all-out bid to be the best. The deep blistering riffs converge on the audial and swamp it with a resounding proposal of madness. This is no shrinking violet! Enticing with brutal chaos that lies within a sonic drum beat courtesy of Kevin Talley.

Feed It
Brewing and brooding, this track takes leaves of its probably now numb senses and eagerly drenched in its own character, is hard hitting and pulverising, while the vocal scourge is urgent and disturbing.

D.N.A. Corruption
Slowing things down to a more amicable pace this track weaves an eerie path of contempt and yet still has the listener gripped with eager appeal and urgency. The musical adventure just took a diverse turn and its exploits are bold.

From the off this album will leave its mark imprinted on the brain and definitely on the ears! It grows like an out of control fungus, infecting all it touches. There is a demonic feel incorporated in its muscular stride, for this is an album that knows not how to take small steps. The mood is one of utter control and take control it will, so say goodbye to your senses as you slot this one into the player. It will capture, devour and grip the attention like no tomorrow and may provoke madness truth be told, as the tracks unfold.

At the end of this album the listener will no doubt feel they have had every muscle ‘spent’ they will ache, their ears will bleed and literally there will be ‘nothing left for the Vultures’ as the flesh will have diminished from the bone! No matter how many words I write it probably won’t do this collection of songs justice. And yes, It’s more than just an album – it truly is unique and an experience well worth taking even if to push you well outside your comfort zone! Although for me, well I am happy in this zone of extremity! It is difficult to imagine something, as intense as this, but Dissident Metal clearly holds a place in the strong metal community. Making ThrOes “The standard of excellence by which all others will be judged!”

  1. Permanent Midnight
  2. Shock To The Guts
  3. Dead Lights
  4. Conscience Makes Cowards
  5. Nothing Left For The Vultures
  6. Nowhere Else
  7. This Viper Womb
  8. Lavish The Anguish
  9. Feed It
  10. D.N.A. Corruption