The King Must Die - Sleep Can't Hide The Fear

Just received this album straight from Cali and have to say I am loving the enthusiasm from Doggie the bands vocalist and pierced, tattooed giant of this malevolent creative force and this is before even hearing a note. The band seem to be kicking up a storm and gaining recognition over in the states, and it seems clear to me that this is all down to the band, who like a lot of bands, take it upon themselves to promote their art and this is one such band, who like to take their future in a vice-like grip and throw the word out!

Confidential Confidence
Whoaaaaaaaaaa on pressing play there appears to be what can only be described as full on savagery which will need no introduction to thrashers as they already know just what the term ‘thrash’ entails. Doggie’s vocals are typical old school in delivery but he adds his own special ingredient to the track that simply indulges in a rabid frenzy.

Fall Of Man
Corky’s full on drum approach shines with ferocity as the madness spreads like a virus and continues through-out the tracks bulging structure. The unbridled aggression is obnoxious as you would fully expect and it preys on the weak. Paying special attention to the guitar solo along with the full on harmonies that binds the track together – this is seriously intense!

No Forgiveness
Revealing fast, furious and enviable riffs it is yet another rampage that is skilfully delivered and for me – well received! It is catchy and fuelled with explosive anger that goes all out to impress which it does on simply – all levels on its mesmeric journey. Feel that G-Force!!!

Not surprising the track is called that because after the head banging and hair frenzy you are likely to bite your own tongue off completely! Although not as fast as the previous track this is another serious mofo with high bred intensity that is sonically forced brawling and unleashed from the speakers.

Synthetically Wasted
Literally bringing the track to life are some crazed drum beats that slice with a somewhat predatory madness. It is bulging with passion of the psychotic kind and simply cannot go unnoticed. The antagonising riffs are seductive as they are menacing and hold plenty of creative ingenuity. Let the brawl of guitars commence!!

The Birth Of War
Not giving any respect to the now battered senses this one hits vehemently and directly to the audial canal and burns a path as it goes! The turbulent journey continues in sadistic mode and dramatically tightens its grip. It is seriously thrilling and lures with intent boarding on criminally insane!

The Mountains Wept
Another potent mass of toxic anticipation awaits, although you don’t have to wait too long to realise that there is no let up from the provocation. Literally hurling themselves into some form of madness and sweeping the victim err listener into their world of extreme fire and brimstone.

This Day, This Life
This track explores a darker opening although it then forgets to remain there and in a scintillating frenzy reaches back into its comfort zone of perilous riffs and steely rhythmic barrage not that I am complaining too much here :) A captivating track that engages the senses and then some!

“From start to finish this album conquers and forces the listener to submit to its villainous tendencies. It is one raw and unforgiving album that refuses to lie down and surrender!”

The Invisible Disease
Brooding and brewing up a storm this track allows the bass its moments of fame courtesy of Scott. The guitars are impacting and bask in their now familiar riffs that scorch and burn intently whilst Doggie’s vocals are raw and compelling with each note leaving a trail of bewilderment behind it all.

Treacherous And True
Now let the guitars steal the limelight thanks to Mike and Kent, in this strong malevolent master piece. Furiously drenched in more toxicity it just about remains levelled but the serious over tones are fuelled with deadly venomous poison and it is another raw track to behold.

You Know This
There is still no let up as this composition simply cavorts its fury in no uncertain manner! Imposing a series of scintillating riffs and perfect pitched harmonies it gathers momentum and then rampages in a scene of utter destruction and chaos in emotive and smouldering passion.

Your Grip Is
This track literally bounces with vibrancy, ensuring that the final track delivers and finishes on high octane levels. Its imposing as it is intimidating and brutally insane. It really gets the blood racing and the heart pounding as it twists its rusty blade into the gut, with mesmerising consequences. Absolutely stunning track and just one of my favorites.

From start to finish this album conquers and forces the listener to submit to its villainous tendencies. It is one raw and unforgiving album that refuses to lie down and surrender! Parading with confidence that is well justified. These guys just know how hard to hit and when to strike the listeners when they are at their most vulnerable with no respect – it is an all-out assault on the senses, although I can’t see many complaining at this, and will be like – Bring it on!

The album allows each musician to shine with not one coming across as the dominant one which is sheer perfection. They all work in conjunction with the compositions and as a result have created a seriously intense monster album. Credit where credit is due – this is one album that warrants repeat plays and believe me I have repeated most of them at least 3 times or more, especially the final track – the anger literally boils over the deep ravenous grooves and leaves one feeling exhausted but also rewarded for doing so. During the compelling listening time you will feel your temperature rise, and your heart beat quicken, it is only natural when all the senses are on full alert  provoking the demon inside you and no amount of preying will save you from the wrath of The King must die!

  1. Confidential Confidence
  2. Fall Of Man
  3. No Forgiveness
  4. Notongue
  5. Synthetically Wasted
  6. The Birth Of War
  7. The Mountains Wept
  8. This Day, This Life
  9. The Invisible Disease
  10. Treacherous And True
  11. You Know This
  12. Your Grip Is

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Sep 19, 2014

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