The Hate Colony - Navigate

This five-headed metal monster from Trondheim, Norway, is a living proof that Norwegian heavy music isn´t all about black metal. The Norwegian aggression, the Swede-inspired melodies, and the American ground-and-pound riffs, it all comes together in this brutal mix of genuine musicianship!”

Taken from the bands new and upcoming album ‘Navigate’ – Recheck is the first track that rips open a ferocious onslaught letting loose and causing total mayhem. It is an extreme ‘brain-smash’ experience right from the heart of Norway.

With rhythms cutting fiercely into the bone the chain of events that follow are abrasive and devilish. The vocal slurry skims and then penetrates into the ears. The emotion is rife and as the title suggests is a 'trigger' for a brutal pasting!

The Letter
This doesn’t give the listener time to take in the impressive and passionate grooves to the full before it sweeps you into oblivion in a mind blowing frenzy of tempestuousness.

Blood Runs Black
The shrill cry of an electric guitar blisters but instead of burning sends cold shards of icy chills down the backbone. Vocally seething and raw it hits vehemently surrounded by a melodic ambient haze.

Simple little rhythm underlies a harsher gait. This is a clever track that houses a deep growling that in turn twists rhythmically to a mesmeric bludgeoning beat.

Bristles with inescapable incitement and is enthralling as it is gripping as it climbs to a high octane capacity. The run on riffs is corrosive and captivating along with some violent beats and more melodic superiority.

When Worlds Collide
Another shrill display of notes that crisply float to a harsher rhythmical swagger. It explodes with addictive ability and offers another swing at a heavyweight vocal and captivates sensationally.

Nothing Less
Pushing aside its densely populated heavy rhythms is the savage growling vocal rampage. It is a barrage of intensity that swirls ferociously around the aural like a swarm of angry bees.

Leaves the heaviness aside is this theatrical display of diversity using clean strings and piano which adds a breath of fresh air to a very dark album and a welcome retreat to gain one’s sanity.

“Potent and highly addictive metal core works very well within a technical endeavour and will give the listener something imaginative whilst luring them into a total abyss!”

Back to its melee of scintillating madness are some harsh thumping beats and surrounding towering riffs that the vocal gnawing sits proudly upon making it another adventurous and intimidating track.

Is far reaching and mind blowing in its predatory guise to incite emotive forces which it does with ease as the infectious grooves hit in quick succession? A dramatic and fiery infusion of pushy rhythmic swagger and full on vocal seething.

Path Of Resistance
Is a rather disturbing track that punches through a wild strange opening and the caustic toxicity of abrasive vocals flow like a molten river burning everything in its path?

Welcome To The Hate Colony
This is a torrential downpour of excitable rhythms that reach higher than the mind can truly imagine. Its savage outpouring is tempered by strong riffs and barrage of blistering drums.

I can see why they got the name The Hate Colony – the tracks are pure hate filled vengeance and is a tirade of fuelled aggression, helped along by an uncompromising frenzied vocal. It isn’t just a mindless end of noise as it is guided by melodic tones however caustic but it is there all the same. The hooks reel you into their lair of evil but it is a place that is comfortable to an all-out metal head. It does however have its slightly mellower moments but again the evil is never far away along with ambiance and heaps of imagination. This is without a doubt a compelling listen the aural embrace alone is powerful and raw and really gets the blood coursing through the veins infecting with pure dynamism. Potent and highly addictive metal core works very well within a technical endeavour and gives the listener something imaginative, whilst luring them into a total abyss!

  1. Recheck
  2. Trigger
  3. The Letter
  4. Blood Runs Black
  5. Solitude
  6. Domain
  7. When Worlds Collide
  8. Nothing Less
  9. Interlude
  10. Dialogue
  11. Pandemonium
  12. Path Of Resistance
  13. Welcome To The Hate Colony