The Fallen Within - Intoxicated

Fallen Within perform melodic death metal from Greece with electronic influences. They actually approach the formula a bit differently than most by adding clean vocals to mix with the harsher screams and offer more of a thrash influenced guitar style than the usual excess melody. Nonetheless, the music is still brutal as hell. The group formed in 2003 and after a few demos finally have the pleasure of gracing ears with their debut, Intoxicated.

Intoxicated is a heavy thrash death metal album with plenty of electronic influences. The introduction is heavily industrial, but that industrial feeling continues to flow throughout the album amongst all the death metal. The vocals are interesting; at times they sound like Ville Valo from HIM singing the clean stuff and then the higher, more sinister snarls comes from another vocalist that sounds like a cross between the singers of Ram-Zet and Shade Empire. As far as the musical aspects go much of the guitars and drums are thick, chugging bursts, but every once in a while the electronic influences will come in and either add some bleeps, beats, or very creepy warbles that sound like a cheesy horror film. But, instead of cheesy, it is highly effective, such as on the track "Sound of Destruction."

Other notable tracks are "I Am Hate" for the downright ferocity of the music and crushing intensity. There is hardly any electronic influences here but everything is pure thrash/ death metal that screams moshing and headbanging galore. "Extinction" is a bit more melodic in the guitar solo parts and has some great trade off clean/ harsh vocals. The electronic elements near the end from the keyboards add some symphonic flavor too. "Endless Reality" is soft and melodic for the most part, cranking up the adrenaline factor near the end with some added screams and heavier chords. "Intoxicated" is a great melodic death metal track with the keyboards in the background. "The Great Fall" features excellent roars and a cool electronic beginning before opening up to the death metal part. The layered clean and harsh vocals are extremely catchy and enjoyable, followed by a solo or two. Finally, the closer "Timeworn" is just as soft as the introduction, but features more piano along with the sci-fi trappings and gives it more of a classical feel. It is beautifully arranged and quite the joy to listen to, whether you're a fan of hard or soft metal.

For a debut this is really powerful stuff. It isn't generic for one thing (constantly trading , and the electronic elements are not overused. The guitars are technical and melodic and the vocals just tear things up, both in a brutal and clean way. Intoxicated is some fresh music than fans of Darkane, Disbelief, and Threat Signal will enjoy very much.

  1. My Vanity
  2. Sound Of Destruction
  3. Pain Right Under
  4. I Am Hate
  5. Extinction
  6. Endless Reality
  7. Intoxicated
  8. Last Breath
  9. The Great Fall
  10. Timeworn

Coroner Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jul 19, 2010

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