The Death Of Her Money - You Are Loved

UK based The Death Of Her Money unleash their second full length album on Slow Burn Records- partnered with Solitude a doom metal label- for some heavy sludge and post hardcore melodies. Like sludge metal, much of this album just trudges straight through in heavy, lengthy distorted chords that just seem to go on and on forever when it comes to a track like "Held Hands." There are some guitar melodies weaved within the riffs, but often the distortion is so high that one cannot hear them too well. The only things that really can be heard well throughout the album as a whole are the drums, which seem to feel alienated from the rest of the music as it is so clear while everything else feels shrouded and in the background. Even the angst ridden hardcore vocals sound a bit buried in the mix, which sort of adds to the atmosphere of the music overall in the distortion, but at the same time, also makes for a division in sound.

There isn't too much variation so it might be hard to consider this 'post hardcore' which usually features a mix of both harsh, distorted passages and also beautifully melodic moments or experimental features. The sludge metal formula of being minimal and repetitive in musical style just seem to be prevalent throughout, but there are a few standout tracks. "Truth," the album epic, has a bit more melody to the guitars and less distortion, and even features an interlude where things quiet down for once and just a single guitar and the drums can be heard in a eerily creepy fashion, which makes for an excellent example of post hardcore/ rock styling for the band overall. There are almost no vocals included, which is probably a good thing because it allows the listener to focus on the music's beauty overall, but when they are included, they sound primal and full of painful emotion, even if it just mostly just sound like random screams. "New Bodily Functions" is also a surprise feature because it is so quiet and soft compared to all the other tracks. The Death Of Her Money trade raging chords and vocals for a soft, almost orchestral feeling to their music, and it is a great breather for the album overall.

The closing track, "Tonality Of Despair," throw in a bit of doom metal rather than the typical sludge or hardcore styles of the earlier tracks. It is very moody and at the same time also depressingly dragging throughout. The vocals are a hit and miss on this one; usually they sound pretty up to par in their hardcore roars, but every once in a while they seem a bit too anguished, like the vocalist is getting a knife twisted into his leg. Perhaps this is for emotional effect to go with the whole doom and depress atmosphere, but often it will probably make listeners grit with than appreciate the wit overall of the track. Still, it is an experimental gesture, along with the closing chirp of the guitars (that at one points seem far too harsh), and post metal fans tend to love experimental bits within their music. And most metal fans will probably enjoy this album as well if they don't mind the repetitiveness of some of the riffs on the tracks.

  1. Held Hands
  2. Enguelades
  3. Missing Time
  4. Truth
  5. Maya Deren
  6. New Bodily Functions
  7. Tonality Of Despair

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 26, 2011

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