Split Your Guts - Gorerotted, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Gronibard

The three G bands are splitting this split CD with no barriers hold. 15 Tracks of top grind bands. Gorerotted plays very tight fast tempo with a great drummer, sick vocals and crushing riffs. One new song and the two re-recorded this is evil! Spanish GSR is also known in the grindscene and plays a fiflthy downtuned based guitarriffing piece of torture. Vocals are a bit in the background but still not being lovebird singing. Gronibard is finishing with the most songs but also the shortest. They not only play their tunes like raging madman with sense for tempo changes they also use funny stuff with the vocals (merde! they sing in French). Concluding that this is a grind till you die compilation and worth picking up!

1. Fuck your arse with broken glass
2. Limb by limb
3. Carrion smelling

4. Faces of death
5. Wild party (cannibal freakout 2)
6. Nightmare city
7. The cave of the cannibal
8. The three mothers

9. Le jeudi c’est sodomie!
10. Mets un suppot quand j’jacule ce fera le space-mountain
11. Jt’encule le cule
12. Quand je sodo mimi mathy ca fait un mechoui
13. Oh les champions
14. Stages
15. Viens la suce ma bite

Deepsend Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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