Sound Of Detestation - Ge Fan I Vara Liv

These Swedish death/grindsters started out in 2006, and this is their second full-length effort unleashed upon the world. Much like countrymen Birdflesh and near neighbours Rotten Sound, the grind elements mix with some crushingly slow death grooves but it is the speedier moments that kick your arse that little bit more, although the groove during ‘Verklighetsförankring’ hits the spot somewhat. ‘Volition’ makes for an almost atmospheric listen, ridden with echoes of some black metal epicness in the vocals, the chugging guitars soon make some noise and kill all the make up wearing posers. Some parts of the album suffer when the vocals are lost; they could do with being that little bit louder, but the guitar and drum tones have been recorded as expected, pretty perfect. ‘Misery’ is a track living up to its name, with the use of disjointed and out of tune chords slug their way into Armageddon, the energy fills out of this track until the next one ‘Anti Work’ grooves into action before being splattered all over the room with the blast-beat treatment.

Grindcore is either a love or hate relationship for many people. Sound of Detestation take some of the great Nasum influenced grind and bash around a few ideas of the slow and groovy death arena, it is never going to be a difference factor for this band, it is pretty much pedestrian grindcore, but still pleasing none the less.

1. Born To Die
2. Ge Fan I Vara Liv
3. Surveillance Bastards
4. Verklighetsförankring
5. Detest
6. Volition
7. New Day
8. Force
9. Hall Kaften
10. Circumstances
11. Fucking Grab It
12. Why
13. Misery
14. Anti Work
15. Brutality