Soulless Heart / Sadok - Split

For the review of Soulless Heart you can look at their own 2 reviews I did. But it is nice band though.

Sadok comes from Spain and this recording is out of 2003. Sadok consists of two members and they play more brutal than Soulless Heart. Sadok plays a death thrash style with catchy rhythms and melodies. Most of the time played in midtempo but with accelerations and slow downs. Nice guitar works and deep vocals. They use a drumcomputer now but with a human drummer it will be more vivid (I think).

At the end I heard two bands who will satisfy the masses.

1. Death of the antichrist
2. Prisoner of the night
3. Mights of evil
4. Maybe you die
5. Soulless heart
6. Aces high (cover Iron Maiden)

7. Artificial
8. La mirada de co incierto
9. 03 epitaph
10. Confusion

Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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