Sin Theorem - Immaculate Deception

Sin Theorem is a thrashing powerhouse within the U.S., Michigan's metal scene. With their EP "Immaculate Deception" these guys prove they are a sledgehammer of aggression.

It's hard to come by a front man who has what it takes to bring a band to the next level of stardom. But luckily for Sin Theorem they've found it with Chad Miller.  His hardcore in-your-face vocals are top notch. The relentless angry vocal blasts will bring you to your knees. The aggressive technical drums coming from founding member Ronnie Lee Graham and the furious guitar licks Tony Massey and Alex Diesel throw at you are fantastic. Pete Meyers’ thick chunky bass work is the glue that holds the band’s rhythm section together.

Sin Theorem shows the metal world they have great potential with this release. However, the intense vocals demand that the music be amped up. What would take this band over the top would be even more hardcore power and speed behind the music. This is not to say the music isn't intense, because it is. "Immaculate Deception" showcases some excellent varied drum rhythms and screaming guitar work. The brutality of the vocals demands for the music to be equally as brutal in order to accentuate the extreme style of the vocals.

Again, I cannot overstate how great the vocals are on this EP. The brutality shines through on "If It Will Lie On Its Back...It Will Lie To" and you won't want to miss the lyrics to "Porn Star".  This EP has a good variety of song styles from the intense hardcore "Relentless Aggression" to the more varied tempo of "The Eyes of Death".

Overall, this is an aggressive heavy EP and an impressive showcase of Sin Theorem's talent. With this release they make it apparent they are a strong force to reckon with. Metal fans of all genres won't want to miss Sin Theorem and we look forward to a full length release from these guys.

“Immaculate Deception” is currently available on iTunes.

1. Relentless Aggression
2. If It Will Lie On Its Back, It Will Lie To...
3. Postal
4. The Eyes Of Death
5. Porn Star
Self released
Reviewer: SweetSinz
Jun 13, 2011
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